Top engineering firm aim at providing unrivalled  customer experience using advances in technology to make life better.  At Nimbles  we ensure we supply products and deliver services th

Secure ID Limited

Secure ID is Nigerias leading Smart Card Manufacturing Personalization Plant Providing comprehensive end-to-end payment Identity management Digital security solutions for the financial services sector

Trevi Foundations Nigeria Limited

Oil and gas field service provider Construction Renewables Expertise such as Marine Works, Dams etc.  

ETCO Nigeria Limited

Etco (Nigeria) Limited (incorporated in Nigeria by Chaim Weiss in 1963) is a leading Electrical Engineering Contracting firm. Mechanical Engineering Contracting firm. Over the years Etco has comp

Silverjay Global International (Silverjay Properties)

Silverjay Global International (Silverjay Properties) is located in Ashmow, Beside Alajolat Hospital Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Our company is mainly into Kerosine Dealers,Land Dealers,Oil & Gas and of

Sultan Kay Auto Refinishes Center

Sultan Kay Auto Refinishes Center is a company that takes its level of excellence a notch higher by offering services in line with current best practice trends around the world.       &